Luxury handmade

HI TECH HANDBAGS is a high end bags&belts manufacturer and handcrafted by a team of 20 artisans in DongGuan.

As high end designers looking for a factory to produce their leather bag and belt collection, we knew they didn't just want the best, they wanted to find someone who believed in the product we were making and, maybe more importantly, the mission behind it.
Found in spring of1999years, based on the idea that solving international high end designers problems requires handmade, no minimums and top quality, can be bespoke and have world class service. 
Focuses on details because they strengthen the product without interrupting the wearability. Details like leathers, hardware, stitching, handmade, ethical manufacturing process, contrast leather and stitching in various thickness, length and colour, add value and function to the design. besides handmade craftsmanship bags, we also research new ethical materials, new ethical bags.

Our passionate team of staff; patternmakers, seamstresses, leather cutters, developers, packing workers, sourcing , is paramount to us.
Our team follows the customer at every stage, from the initial idea, through the development of paper patterns faithful to the furnishing drawings, to the development of the final prototype ready for production. In addition, we are able to make available to all customers a series of prototypes already developed internally and ready for production.

Quality, respect and an ethical approach to manufacturing in our family factory is an integral part of our DNA. All our products are made using ecologically friendly materials and sustainable processes.

Our team are ready to accept your requests in terms of product customization, sizing and monogram printing, offering a unique and exclusive specialized assistance.